Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing forum - writing practice & short stories

I found a good site a little while ago. is a fairly small forum with a reasonable turnover of members and a small core group.  The average writing age tends to be on the mid-to-late-teens side, so there is a fair amount of vampire fiction and zombie soldier stories, but the readers run the gamut of skill levels and age ranges.  That means it's a great way to get a range of feedback on your ideas or stories.

Better yet, there is a weekly short story 'competition' for bragging rights - the vote #s usually don't pass the half-century but there is usually up to about 10 entries with a handful of decent stories among them for good competition.

There is a 'blog' function on the site and I have been making blog posts under my username 'nzric'.  I am starting to write again, using the short story comps as motivation to get off my arse.  To mix things up I have been trying out different writing styles, some have been a hit and some have been dismal failures.  All in all it's great practice, especially at the moment when I don't have a novel-length idea to keep me occupied.

I will keep my stories on the blog in the writingforums site, but I'm planning to write a bit more detail about the stories in this blog.  If you don't want my spiel and just want to read some of my stuff, you can go straight to my blog at writingforums.  Make sure you put an entry in the weekly short story comp on the way.

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