Saturday, June 29, 2013

Published story - Centre of Attention

My first "official" published story!!

So I didn't post this before, but I got a story published through an Australian (/NZ) short story competition. .  Some of the other stories are pretty good but I wouldn't blame you if you turned straight to page 72.

Buy a hardcopy or download the free (!!) pdf via

I spent a solid few days on this one.  It was fairly easy to write plot-wise as a lot of this is linked to public health emergency planning, which I am well up to speed on.

The hard part was thinking about how to present it.  Writing it as a feature magazine article was a bit of a cop-out in that it removes the emotional impact, which is why I lean heavily on the "mad mullah" topic and also try to get the reader to feel some of the vicarious emotion via the wife.

It would have worked easier as a straight third-person story but I wanted to show the passage of time which is difficult in third-person in a short story, and I think by hinting at things that - in the future after the events of the story - the reader "should" know, it's a shorthand trick to make the world in the story a lot larger.

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