Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 new years resolutions – Judgement Day

I didn't post this at the start of 2012, but here's me facing up to the 2012 new year resolutions I set in January:

1.      Beat my 2011 marathon time of 4:16:49 by finishing Auckland Marathon 2012 in under four hours.
 100% – bad sprain/tear in my ankle put me out of action for this, but I’m calling it a pass because of the amazing experience running with Shelley for her first ever ½ marathon, and trusting my fitness & state of my ankle for the run.
2.      Finish my novel ‘Sideswipe’ and send to >1 agent.
50%, I finished my first novel this year – in first draft so yet to send to an agent.
3.      Get at least one credible job offer from an international organisation.
N/A - went fishing half-heartedly for options at start of the year but did not follow through once we decided to stay in NZ.
4.      Buy $1,000 in shares.
5.      Achieve Associate Emergency Manager certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).
6.      Do 100 press-ups in a row.
0% - Hate to think how many I can do in a row but lets just say it's no improvement from January!
7.      Go to Malaysia for my brother’s wedding in April.
100% - Had an amazing time!
8.      Sell our house.
100% - And bought an amazing house!
9.      Complete the November 2012 ‘Nanowrimo’
100% - And 100% harder than 2011 but got through it!
10.  Get another tattoo
0% - still can’t decide what I’d get
11.  Run 20 new routes
100% - loving the Blockhouse bay road/trail/beach running!
12.  Take 100 quality photos in 24 hours
0% - fail
13.  Cook my way through one cookbook
30% - was right on track with this and having fun, but stopped for no particular reason
14.  Change my ‘look’ five times
80% - changed things up, even grew a beard for a while.  Not a total change but had fun.
15.  Write 10 quality blog entries and post (& Twitter) them.
100% - Bottom dropped out of this by mid-year but had fun with some posts at start of year.
16.  Read 26 books
50% - halfway there?
17.  Learn jujitsu
0% - fail.  Where did that resolution come from?!  I think I was drunk
18.  Scan in my grandfather’s WWII letters (again)
0% - did not get around to this.
19.  Learn A-Z in sign language
0% - fail
20.  Improve my mile time by 1 minute (tested myself on the track on 3rd January 2012 at 7 mins 19 secs)
N/A – ankle injury

So… 45% for this year for a very random list of resolutions, but out of the actually important resolutions (1, 7, 8, 9 and 18), I got 80%!

Also... wrote my first ever full (first draft) novel, got my first ever short story published - from a competition too, and managed to balance work and family life - spending lots of time with Shelley and Hayley..

Go me.

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