Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 new years resolutions

Okay - this year I'm going to list these in January so I can't cheat...

Good progress at work, balanced personal life with lots of time with H & S, general good health, happiness etc goes without saying.

Top 5:

1.      Go to Australia to see Alan, Maggie and the boys, and Sally, Keith and the boys

2.      Beat my 2011 marathon time of 4:16:49 by finishing Auckland Marathon 2013 in under four hours

3.      (Write/) Finish & send a completed novel to >1 agent

4.      Scan in my grandfather’s WWII letters (again)

5.      Achieve something else major that I didn’t expect/plan

Other resolutions:

6.      Achieve Associate Emergency Manager certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)

7.      Do a post-graduate level paper/course

8.      Complete the November 2013 ‘Nanowrimo’

9.      Get another tattoo (been an annual resolution but really have to figure out what the hell I'd want)

10.  Take 100 quality photos in a 24 hour period

11.  Cook my way through one cookbook

12.  Write >10 quality blog entries (aim for monthly)

13.  Measure my baseline track mile time in January and improve this by 1 minute by end of December

14.  Paint the bathroom, washhouse, dining room and beams in lounge & master bedroom

15.  Take a sea kayaking course and go out in the kayak >5 times

16.  Do the Auckland Ironman 70.3 half-IM in January 2014 (yeah 2014 I know.. but it’s still a 2013 resolution)

17.  Build a shed

18.  Write and send a paper to a professional journal

19.  Learn to juggle 4 balls

20.  Join >2 clubs (doesn’t matter what the club is)

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