Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 - Judgement Day

So, here we go.  This year flew by, I can’t believe it’s a week to 2014 already.

I am starting a tradition here, for the second time running I’ll check my score for the past year.

3.1 out of 5 for top 5 resolutions!  Not bad at all, considering they were all pretty challenging resolutions.  No point setting something to achieve if you’re not pushed.

Saying that, I didn’t hit the mark out of almost all of the others.  2.3 out of 15!  Wow.  I guess the ones I did achieve made a big impact on me but for this particular roundup it’s all about quantity not quality.

Overall, 5.4 out of 20.  Surprisingly I’m not too put out by that result.  The year went by in a flash and I am really proud of what S and I have achieved this year.  Although I didn’t tick off all the boxes, if next year is like 2013 I won’t be disappointed.

1.      Go to Australia to see A, M and the boys, and S, K and the boys
70% - didn’t get over there myself but S was able to go to Sydney for S’s birthday.

2.      Beat my 2011 marathon time of 4:16:49 by finishing Auckland Marathon 2013 in under four hours
      100% - epic lot of training and although I didn’t crack four hours I beat my 2011 time by 11mins with 4:05 despite working through painful physio problems in October.  Well proud of that effort.

3.      (Write/) Finish & send a completed novel to >1 agent
      40% - Shelved Sideswipe but got a great idea for Call of Mataaho and made a huge dent in it from October pre-Nanowrimo including piles of research.

4.      Scan in my grandfather’s WWII letters (again)
0% - didn’t even start

5.      Achieve something else major that I didn’t expect/plan
      100% - Helped people out during tough times, a few different times.

Other resolutions:

6.      Achieve Associate Emergency Manager certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)
N/A – probably wouldn’t have been necessary

7.      Do a post-graduate level paper/course
100% - completed the Public Health Leadership Programme

8.      Complete the November 2013 ‘Nanowrimo’
0% - this resolution is win or lose in the spirit of Nanowrimo, and I didn’t quite get over the line.  Ended up starting before January so put a self-imposed penalty of 10,000 words on the 50,000 target.  Ended up getting around 47,000 in total.

9.      Get another tattoo (been an annual resolution but really have to figure out what the hell I'd want)
0% - nope

10.  Take 100 quality photos in a 24 hour period
      0% - took some good photos but didn’t set the time aside for this 24hr challenge.

11.  Cook my way through one cookbook
      30% - still being really adventurous with Asian veges from the market but didn’t get through a cookbook.

12.  Write >10 quality blog entries (aim for monthly)
      0% - wow, looking back I can only say I did one this year so I’m not going to take credit for 10%

13.  Measure my baseline track mile time in January and improve this by 1 minute by end of December
      I haven’t checked this yet, I would say I’m a little faster but I’m treating this as a 0% fail since I haven’t made it to the track again since January.  I had earlier divided that into two resolutions – still have to check:
1.   One mile in under 6:55 by December
2.   1.5 mile (2.4km) in under 10min 30sec (4:22 pace) by December (NZ Army entry level fitness criteria)

14.  Paint the bathroom, washhouse, dining room and beams in lounge & master bedroom
      0% - not an option any more as we’ll get someone to do it properly, but I still didn’t do anything equivalent around the house (backyard is a separate score).

15.  Take a sea kayaking course and go out in the kayak >5 times
      0% - nope

16.  Do the Auckland Ironman 70.3 half-IM in January 2014 (yeah 2014 I know.. but it’s still a 2013 resolution)
      0% - nope, this one is not an option considering my lack of swim/bike training

17.  Build a shed
      100% - yes I bought the shed and got it made, but I spent ages levelling the ground, putting pavers in, laying concrete, building retaining wall.  I’m stoked at this one.

18.  Write and send a paper to a professional journal
      0% - did not

19.  Learn to juggle 4 balls
      0% - um, no.  Why the hell do I keep on putting that one in?

20.  Join >2 clubs (doesn’t matter what the club is)
0% - didn't do that one.  Joined a club in Mt Albert but didn't do anything with the membership so far so I'm not counting that.

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