Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I want to make it a bit more detailed now, so as well as the top 5 I’ll break my 20 resolutions into at least 2 each from a list of topics.  I got this list from my Public Health Leadership Programme as an exercise to check I’m keeping things balanced.

Physical environment
1.      Finish backyard project (retaining wall, level earth, lay grass).
2.     Do at least one major thing to help improve/preserve Gittos Domain.

1.      Finish Call of Mataaho, send to publisher.
2.     Attend NZMAT course, ace Uni of Otago presentation, plus one more equivalent thing.

1.      Earn at least one payment from alternative source other than work.
2.     Make a big dent.

1.      Time trial in January for 1 mile and 2.4km pace.  Beat 1 mile pace by one minute by end of 2014 and meet NZ Army entry level criteria for 2.4km (10min 30sec, i.e. 4:22 pace).
2.     Do two marathons (or two equivalent challenging events) in 2014, including at least one sub-4hr result.
3.     Start sea kayaking or challenging cross-training other than running.
4.     Set and achieve a bodyweight workout goal

Friends and Family
1.      Use house to host more things.
2.     Make a bigger than usual deal out of at least one 2014 milestone.

Significant Other
1.      Surprise.
2.     Plan one major thing to do together.

Personal Growth
1.      Scan in my grandfather’s WWII letters again.
2.     Join and participate in 2 clubs.
3.     Get to intermediate level in a software program I’m not familiar with.
4.     Start a regular process to reduce stress.

Fun and Recreation 
1.      Cook 50 new recipes or one entire cookbook (whichever).
2.     Take 100 quality photos in 24 hours.
3.     Write 10 quality blog entries (prep for promo for novel).

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