Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ewelme Cottage - real history just waiting to be steampunked

We went to Ewelme Cottage today, an old-fashioned kauri house built in the 1860's for a Reverend and his family.  I'll write more about this cottage in my Parnell Ghost part II blog (to be done).  And no - although I took a whole lot of photos I can't see any ghostly images hidden in the picture, not even a freakin lens flare!

We have been going to Motat lately and I have started to be interested in Auckland history/life from reading the old newspapers on the papers past website.  While Motat has static displays with roped and glassed off rooms, Ewelme's roped areas don't interrupt the feel of the place.  It gives the real impression that the owners have just stepped out for the afternoon and you're getting a glimpse of their lives.

Check out the study (pics below).  Get rid of the flowers, put a decent bookshelf and armchair in and clean the carpet ... and it could be a brilliant study.  

All you need - apart from clearing out the religious trash - is a steampunk keyboard and maybe a few indiana jones-style artifacts scattered around the room (nix the crystal skull) for an authentic feel.

Don't change the desk at all
Some electricity would help too.

Oh, and a globe.  You've gotta have a globe.

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